Mari Jimenez-Ortiz

Consulting Partner As a first generation American, and first-generation college graduate, Mari understands the challenges that many people face when trying to obtain a college education. With more than 12 years of experience working with diverse populations in higher education, Mari  has  developed  a  focus  on  working  specifically  on  access  and  overall  wellness.  With   anyone   […]

David Sutherland

Consulting Partner David brings his experience as a diversity and equity trainer to help organizations create a greater awareness of the ways in which certain behaviors and communication styles -often  grounded  in  gender,  racial,  or  other  identities  –  can  overtly  or  subtly  diminish members of a team. He fosters a non-judgmental, occasionally uncomfortable, often fun […]

Kinita Schripsema

Consulting Partner Kinita is a published international author, speaker, facilitator, consultant and transformational coach who believes that practicing unity while celebrating diversity is key to a healthy community. She has over 45 years experience living cross-culturally with extensive experience in the USA, Canada and overseas in Leadership Development and Cultural Education.

Stephanie Sibille

Consulting Partner Stephanie has almost ten years of experience leading and supporting large group events, designing and delivering experiential programming, and workshop development and facilitation. She is well-versed in an extensive library of team development programs, as well as the DiSC behavior assessment tool and Belbin Team Roles Inventory. Stephanie is bilingual and has rich […]

Adhlere Coffy

Consulting Partner Adhlere is a trained engineer and data scientist with years of experience working in the non-profit and philanthropic sectors. He has two patents for his work as an engineer and has published data science projects through various agencies he has collaborated with. He holds Master’s degrees from NYU in Applied Urban Science & […]

Roosevelt Smith

Consulting Partner Roosevelt has twenty-five years of rich and extensive experience leading organizations and providing consulting services and training. As a consultant, Roosevelt believes in partnership, meeting people and organizations where they are and facilitating processes that surface possibilities while leveraging existing strengths.

Nancy J. Lewis

Senior Consulting Partner Nancy J. Lewis has over 30 years as an inspirational keynote speaker, trainer, author, and corporate coach. She works with organizations develop their people potential and helps executives and managers transform and enhance their careers. She conducts dynamic keynotes and seminars on diversity and inclusion, leadership, human resources and personal development. Her […]

Kathy Wilson

Senior Consulting Partner Kathy is a speaker, author, coach and Change Strategist who challenges her clients to step outside of their comfort zones and reach their highest potential. A former collegiate and professional basketball player and coach, Kathy shares her unique combination of on-court experience and off-court knowledge to transform the way people lead change […]

Jason Asher

Consulting Partner Jason has more than 15 years of experience as a consultant, coach, and facilitator. He has partnered with executives, managers, and teams across sectors in the areas of leadership, communication and performance management. Jason works closely with his clients to enhance their team dynamics and work together more effectively, while also helping them […]

Steve Ockerbloom

Senior Consulting Partner Steve has spent the past eighteen years delivering impactful workshops on the topics of leadership, individual, and team development. Steve is an expert in delivering 360-degree feedback tools and assessments such as Myers-Briggs, DISC, and Belbin Team Roles. What truly sets Steve’s workshops apart is his ability to use experiential activities to […]

Kenn Roberts

Senior Consulting Partner With more than three decades in both corporate America and the US military, Kenn has developed a deep understanding of team development and an extensive expertise in advising leaders on how to leverage human resources. He has held critical HR roles during major business mergers and acquisitions and has coached leaders on […]

Fabian DeRozario

Senior Consulting Partner Fabian J. DeRozario is a master facilitator and consultant with more than 20 years of experience spaning across higher education institutions, associations, and private industries. His presentation style is interactive, engaging, and focused on enhancing personal skills that contribute to creating world-class organizations. Fabian has international experience working with several industries in […]

Ela Mesa

Consulting Partner Ela is a speaker, trainer, and performer with a passion for igniting others to take inspired action. She is committed to serving as a resource for productive results-driven communities, promoting diversity and creating social change. She has led various initiatives focusing on elevating workplace culture, raising consciousness, and building pathways.

Christa Whitten

Consulting Partner Christa Whitten has been delivering dynamic, interactive team development programs, trainings and events for organizations for almost 20 years. Her focus is on creating impactful, results-oriented experiences through experiential learning and thoughtful conversations. Christa is a certified practitioner of the MBTI, both FIRO-B & FIRO-Business assessments, Dialogue Education, and is an adjunct professor […]

Laura Hurlbirt-Brault

Consulting Partner Laura has a passion for mission driven organizations that impact the communities in which we work and live. She believes that bringing out the best in the individual paves the way for businesses to realize greater growth and overall success. Laura has over 15 years of experience in organizational learning and development, human resources, […]

Kenya Rutland

Principal and Chief Enthusiasm Officer Kenya is a passionate and trustworthy consultant who increases the confidence, motivation, and performance of others. He is a persuasive facilitative leader who uses his keen business acumen to build commitment and accountability among staff at all levels of any organization. Kenya has more than 20 years of experience delivering […]

Heidi Hanson

Director of Consulting Engagements Heidi is an accomplished and incisive business readiness leader, with a talent for getting cross-functional teams at all organizational levels aligned, enthused and collaborating on a common vision of the future. Heidi has over 20 years of results-oriented learning and development experience. She is a Prosci© certified change practitioner and holds […]

Tara Flippo

Consulting Partner Tara has held multiple management roles for the leading experiential training centers in New England. Her passions include facilitation/teaching, social emotional learning, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)/Social Justice. One of Tara’s professional highlights, was the publication of her first book – Social Emotional Learning in Action: Experiential Activities to Positively Impact School […]

David Rowell

Consulting Partner David is a speaker, facilitator, instructor, consultant and published author who believes that working relationships based on authenticity, and open engagement are cornerstone to both individual and organizational achievement. Prior to private consulting David enjoyed a storied career with the US federal government, where he taught diversity, leadership, and team building. He has […]