Our consultants will assess your organization with an objective view and help you identify trouble spots and opportunities you may have overlooked. We will show you how to apply the latest techniques, strategies, and tools in a manner that makes sense for your organization and share best-practices and insights that will help you avoid common pitfalls.


Our assessment tools can help your leaders gauge strengths and deficiencies, define opportunities for improvement, and consider the impact of these on future performance. Our interactive processes include interviews, surveys, and online assessment tools that provide key insights and help you identify strategies for ongoing development.


We can help you leverage the knowledge and insights of your team by providing a forum and process that allows a group of people with differing viewpoints, perspectives, and agendas to collaborate and reach a productive outcome. Our consultants know the steps to guide your group through to help you gain commitment to your final strategy, product, or solution.


KJR Consulting can analyze your organization’s training needs and develop customized programming that is designed to meet your learning objectives. We employ multiple methods of instruction to accommodate the varying learning styles of your participants and make each training interactive, experiential, and engaging.


Intellectual knowledge often isn’t enough to take your performance to the next level. Our individual coaching can provide you with the support and experiential practice you need to create tangible, sustainable change and help hold you accountable for reaching your goals.