Leverage the knowledge and insights of your team

Smart leaders know they achieve more effective results when solutions are created, understood, and accepted by the people who are impacted by them. Involving your team in the process creates clarity and increases the chance to achieve buy-in by considering the ideas, viewpoints, and concerns of stakeholders. However, getting more than just a few people with differing backgrounds, viewpoints, and agendas to collaborate and reach a productive outcome can be a daunting task. That’s when you need a skilled facilitator.

You provide the content, we provide the process

Our facilitators know how to extract critical input from participants while keeping the engagement focused and on-track. As a third party, we bring a neutral perspective that can ensure equal voice and balance while managing power dynamics that often derail group conversations. Our facilitators build trust among participants and create a safe environment where all participants can speak up and be heard. We level the playing field to overcome any ingrained team dynamics and destructive ways of working. This helps to surface underlying opinions and emotions that may be holding a team back. Our skilled facilitators are equipped to manage disruptive behaviors and defuse tense situations when emotions run high, and most importantly, we’ll make sure your agenda is followed and solid progress is made towards your goal.

Don’t go at it alone.

KJR’s consultants know exactly what steps to guide your group through to reach your intended result. Our sessions are designed to keep your participants fully engaged and maintain an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration. We offer a full toolbox of techniques that will help your group reach consensus on your final product or solution, all while keeping the energy level high and having fun.