An important part of getting where you want to go is knowing where you’re starting from.

Workplace assessments take the guesswork out of determining where strengths and weaknesses lie and help chart a course to goals that is clear and direct. Understanding where you stand as an individual, team, or organization is the first step on your path to success.

Gain deep insights into your organization and employees

KJR offers a menu of organizational and personal development assessments. Our tools help leaders gauge strengths and deficiencies, define opportunities for improvement, and consider the impact of these on future performance. Our interactive process includes interviews, surveys, and online assessment tools that provide key insights and strategies for ongoing development.

Comprehensive, practical, and easy to use

KJR’s consultants will work with you to identify the most appropriate assessments to meet your team or organization’s needs. We will then conduct your assessments in a manner that is least intrusive to your business’s daily operations. Your results will be assimilated and presented to you in a way that is comprehensive, and at the same time, practical and easy to understand.

More importantly, KJR will help you translate your assessment results into a comprehensive action plan because we understand that knowledge combined with action leads to success.

For even more value, we can conduct repeat assessments before, during, and after a training or intervention to help you track your progress and measure your results.

Some of our most popular assessments include:

  • Organizational SWOT Analysis
  • Employee and Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Training Effectiveness Evaluation
  • 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team
  • DiSC Behavior Assessment
  • Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • StrengthsFinder 2.0
  • 360° Feedback
  • Leadership Competency