Ensure your employees have the knowledge, skills, and behavior necessary to execute in the workplace.

Training is an important part of how great companies develop their employees and encourage overall performance improvement. Effective training programs promote the development of job-related skills and interpersonal skills while increasing employee satisfaction. A satisfied workforce yields more loyal employees, less turn over, and a higher level of employee retention.

Our trainings are interactive, experiential, and engaging.

KJR Consulting offers trainings that are designed to meet your company’s learning and development objectives.  We will help analyze your organization’s training needs and develop customized programming that is designed to get you results. Our trainings are interactive, experiential, and engaging.  Your staff won’t just be sitting and listening to boring lectures.  We employ multiple methods of instruction in order to accommodate the varying learning styles of your participants, and ensure that your staff has the opportunity to practice their new skills and behaviors in a safe, supportive environment.

If you need it, we can deliver it.

Forget about those canned, mass-produced trainings that may or may not directly apply to your employees or business. Our trainings are designed just for you. We’ll bring nearly 20 years of experience and expertise into the classroom and teach your staff skills that will take their performance to new levels. Alternatively, our consultants can work with your subject matter experts to create and design custom content. You then have the option for KJR Consulting to facilitate the content or have us lead a train-the-training for your in-house staff. Either way, our training programs will leave your people feeling valued, confident, and equipped to succeed.

Leadership Development & Management Consulting

Preparing leaders and top performers to lead your organization.

• Business Writing
• Conquering the Five Temptations of a Leader
• Facilitating Effective Meetings
• Influential Communication
• Leadership Retreats
• Negotiation for Success
• Principles of Influence
• Supervisory and Management Fundamentals

Human Resources & Organizational Development

Creating healthy & efficient organizations.

• Achieving Career Life Balance
• Alignment in Organizational Culture
• Coaching and Performance Management
• Customer Service
• Employee Health & Wellness
• Employee Hiring & Retention
• Motivating Your Workforce
• Stress Management
• Time & Workload Management

Change Management

Welcoming innovation while managing the transition curve.

• Managing Change
• Strategic Planning
• Conflict Resolution Kit
• Managing the Transition Curve

Diversity & Inclusion

Valuing, Engaging, and Leveraging Diversity in the Workplace.

• Courageous Conversations on Race
• Diversity Recruitment and Retention
• Employee Resource Group Presentations
• Inclusion Leadership
• Managing Diversity
• Measuring Cultural Dexterity
• Sensitivity Training

Team Development

Creating cohesive, high performing workplace teams.

• Belbin Team Roles
• Building and Leading High Performing Teams
• DiSC Behavioral Assessment
• Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
• Strengths Finder 2.0
• Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI)
• The Five Behaviors of Cohesive Teams
• Team Building Retreats